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I am trying to solve the following system in (L,N) with Maple eq1 := 449.7102399/(L-115.6885356*N^.98*L^1.019)^.1* (1-117.8866178*N^.98*L^.19e-1)+15-5894.330889*N^.98* L^.19e-1-411.72/(48-L)^.6e-1-985.8471121* exp(-3.638-.174*N)/L^.326 = 0 eq2 := -50985.79270/(L-115.6885356*N^.98*L^1.019)^.1/N^.2e-1* L^1.019-5668.738244/N^.2e-1*L^1.019+254.5065245*exp(-3.638-.174*N)* l2^.674 = 0 I have tryed with solve(),PolynomialSystem() but without any result. I have also tryed with implicitplot() to have an approximate solution. I would be v grateful for any help. Cheers, g
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