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Thank you so much for your comments, but my matrix has some speciall structure, I attached in the follows. Matrix([ [a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+d+w^2*e,a+b+c,a+b,a+b,a+c,a, a,a+c,a,a], [a+b+d+w*e,a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b,a+b+c,a+b,a,a+c,a, a,a+c, a], [a+b+d+w^2*e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+c+d+e,a+b,a+b,a+b+c,a,a,a+c,a, a,a+c], [a+b+c,a+b,a+b,a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+d+w^2*e,a+c,a,a, a+c,a, a], [a+b,a+b+c,a+b,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e,a,a+c,a,a, a+c, a], [a+b,a+b,a+b+c, a+b+d+w^2*e,a+b+d+w*e, a+b+c+d+e,a,a,a+c, a, a,a+c], [a+c, a,a,a+c,a, a,a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+d+w^2*e, a+b+c, a+b,a+b], [a,a+c,a,a, a+c,a,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+c+d+e,a+b+d+w*e, a+b, a+b+c, a+b], [a,a, a+c,a, a, a+c, a+b+d+w^2*e,a+b+d+w*e,a+b+c+d+e, a+b,a+b,a+b+c], [a+c,a,a,a+c,a,a,a+b+c, a+b,a+b,a+b+c+d+e, a+b+d+w*e, a+b+d+w^2*e], [a, a+c,a,a,a+c,a,a+b,a+b+c, a+b, a+b+d+w*e, a+b+c+d+e, a+b+d+w*e], [a,a,a+c,a,a,a+c,a+b, a+b,a+b+c,a+b+d+w^2*e,a+b+d+w*e, a+b+c+d+e]]); It takes a long time, but I have run the program for more than one week, still no results. Does that means that there's no way that I can obtaint he results in maple? Or just wait, it will eventually gives me the answer? Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help! Best Regards, Lingling
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