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No misunderstandings, please !

1. I never came across MAPLE, until that author recommended it as a tool. So I don't have any insight into MAPLE functionality, or 'THE mechanism' of any tool related to it - I'd only like to put the content of the worksheet to work...

2. In the MAPLE webshop there is no hint on the .mwz - Format; at least it is not shown in the list of supported formats; some hints there could have helped...

Nevertheless - thanks for your infos, which bring along some clarification (not the solution, but that's not your issue).




Thank you for your comments. Pasting the full name in the OPEN dialog, works, under WIN10.

Unfortunately -

1. so named 'dynamic' 3D plots remain 'static' only

2. in the book I mentioned, the links to the .mws files are embedded in .pdf's. So I will not be able to work with it as expected, as I cannot 'paste filenames'.

3.even from the description in the webshop, it was clear that it's not possible to edit the .mws-files with PLAYER (no wonder - that would mean giving away a full license...), but I expected change parameters, and execute (From @acer's remarks I conclude that the author of the worksheet possibly could provide that by his design)

4. taking looks on documents is a matter of a thousand other software tools, browsers etc

So, the PLAYER seems to be useless for this purpose.... - a question to product management !?



REM: I should have mentioned before - according to the author, the .mws fils were produced with MAPLE15



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