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It's okay for me. Thanks a lot for your advises.

This is my first time do the research. I am in a learning process how to do the actual research. Whatever you can advise me, just advise it.



Is there GNFS is still fastest of probabilistic algorithm recently ?

Is there ECM is still fastest of deterministic algorithm nowadays ?


Is there other algorithm that is most fastest ?

Thanks a lot for whatever information...

Except from wikipedia, what other resources can I surf ?

Because the rules of my research, information from wikipedia is not allowed.

I have tried maplesoft, and mathworld.com . I do not know all the math web site.

What are other the best math website that give the best of explaination informations ?


Thanks for these important infomation.

Do you know where I can get history of this information ?

The history that show the year which algorithm created ...

Thanks for your help.

Which the two latest algorithm built?

Thanks for your help.

Do you know the history for these algorithm?

Which  the two latest algorithm built?

This information will help me to fulfill my course namely Mathematical Modelling Project.

Thanks for your help.

Do you have the latest algorithm except ifactor?

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