WE HELP YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS(Offices all over the UK) HAVE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH A QUALIFIED ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL TODAY Miss Date Doctor: Life Coaching, Counselling, Relationships, Marriage Counselling, Psychotherapy and CBT Modern contemporary date coaching and counselling service @missdatedoctor Miss Date Doctor is a Luxury Contemporary Life Coaching and Relationships Consultancy offering services for couples, singles, confidence, relationships,anxiety training, arguments and conflict, makeovers, luxury v.i.p packages, dates training,depression, Anger management, students and psychotherapy. WE ARE A TEAM OF QUALIFIED LIFE COACHES, COUNSELLORS AND THERAPISTS VIDEO CHAT,PHONE,WHATSAPP OR FACE TO FACE YOU CHOOSE The services Miss Date Doctor offer take on a much more contemporary and much more modernised approach in comparison to other life coach companies. Here is a list of some of the amazing packages they offer. BREAK UP PACKAGE, SINGLES PACKAGE SOCIALISE PACKAGE, WHATS APP PACKAGE, COUPLES PACKAGE, RELATIONSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME, CONFIDENCE PACKAGE, UNDERSTANDING MEN PACKAGE, ANXIETY COUNSELLING,DEPRESSION,UNDERSTANDING WOMEN PACKAGE AND MANY MORE. If you would like a dating coach that brings results and also gives you support this is the contemporary dating coach platform for those that require a modern service that is relative to today's fast-paced modern society to resolve all of your dating and relationship issues. All you need is your phone and you can speak to your coach via phone, WhatsApp or text or email or your coach can come to you.

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