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@acer As far as I understand you don't zoom but animate the axis marks, right? This is actually a very nice solution for the main problem! Would this work with grids or ticks? (Since this should also be easily usable for future more complex cases)

Nevertheless the export and import ought to work as well. But export seems to be buggy and import is too confusing.

Btw.: Is this forum somehow buggy ? (after answering here it seems like my main post changed; the headings disappeared)

@acer I have tried your suggestion and am very pleased with the result. Yields exactely what I was looking for. (If you post it as an answer, I can mark it as a solution)

@acer I am sorry, for creating such a confusing example. 'a' and 'b' are actually numbers, but I thought it would be easier to read this way.

Concerning your suggestion, I will give it a shot tomorrow.

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