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I has  the same issue on my lenovo yoga, the only solution is the change the resulotion.

Lower the resolution and turn off scaling, you wont notice much, if any at all. If I knew what 3k display was like on a so little screen I would never put in the extra money to get it.


maybe you should look into plotting it parametricly:



plot3d([sin(phi)*cos(theta), sin(phi)*sin(theta), cos(phi)], phi = 0 .. Pi, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, axes = normal, labels = [x, y, z], scaling = constrained, view = [-1 .. 1, -1 .. 1, -1 .. 1], transparency = .5);


Thanks so much for your help . 

I read about such problems in calculus just wondered if maple had any functionality to solve such problems . 


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