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@Preben Alsholm 

Interesting, I don't know what version I am on an shall Investigate your findings a bit closer :) 


But I gotta say I'd find myself trying to avoid syntax hence I use the pallets. 

I have also noticed triple integrals convert to int([. . . dxdydz rather than int(int(int. . . dxdydz 

But not knowing the effects other than notation , as you can switch from 2d math to 1d math and the other way interactively by right clicking . 

@Preben Alsholm 


I wonder the same, looks more tidy to load the packages initially then loading it inline each time I need it, but as long as it solves my error im happy with it.

See the Gyazo link i posted, it is a print of my error.




Thank you :)

@Preben Alsholm 


I am using maple 2016, the guy under provoided a solution, I dont know why you dont get the error :s


Using big I in int solves my other question :)

When I set bounds of the integral as an variable like i did, can i have maple return the integral with the actual bounds?

Of course those variable can be printed, but the less syntax in my sheet the better :)

@one man 

That look pretty neat, unfornatly it is above my paygrad at the moment. After I finnished calculus3 and vector calculus I will have more time to investigate this program of yours.

I can tell it looks like you have some good knowledge for both maple and mathematics :)


Thank you for your informative answere :)


Thanks allot . 

I cannot even express how greatful I am. 

This problem was driving me crazy , even when I knew what techniques to use I couldn't apply it the right way . 

Your work will be of great resources for me to make a greater understanding of this specific topic . 

Yours sincerely . 

@Carl Love 

Wow that is pretty impressive work :)


Thank you, I will study you syntax and try to implement it for the above mentioned problem :)


apperciated the way you commented the syntax.



Thanks for your patiance with me :) Your help is highly apperciated.

This is a bit awkward and im not proud to do so.

 i´m not the guy to get anyone doing my homework but at this stage I feel like I have to reach out for help since I cannot get the problem right.

I have tried an different approach that gave a good representation of the area im after, but just an good approximation and as we are heading towards the finals I have spent significant amount of time trying to get it right but so far i had no luck.

The problem is like this:

A circular beam of light with radius of 20mm (circular with no spreads) shines perpendicular on to a tank with radius of 40, calculate the area on the tank covered by light.



What I did to solve this problem was sketching an ellipse with the big radius on the x-axsis=the 2arc length of the tank/2 and the little radius=the radius of the beam.

The resultant answear was 1315 while the actual answere should be 1300.xx


Do you think there is any chance you can help me set up the surface integral for that specific case?


Your sincerely.



Hi again, is there possible to visualize what area the surface integral are representing?


Yours sincerely



Thank you very much for your help :)

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