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In the name of God


Hello all,

Look at these instructions, entered in maple16(x64):



--- Up to now, about 5 Gb's of my 8Gb memory is occupied and no problem




Error, (in Matrix) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation. Please see

In the name of God

Any one knows how I can summerize this:


these 5 are independent.

Maybe some help page of maple helps me.



In the name of God


I have 2 worksheets open, in my maple16 screen

In one of them I do

save rrK,"ttKazem.m"

and can easily restart and after that read "ttKazem.m" in that worksheet

but in the other worksheet, unfortunately read "ttKazem.m" yields:

Error, Could not open 'ttKazem.m' for reading


That's really wonderfull. Any idea?

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