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I would like to draw a spectrum of plots. For example sin(mx) when m ∈ [1,2] and x ∈ [0,2] that is a spectrum of sinous plots. Obviously, if I write

plot(sin(m*x), m = 1 .. 2, x = 0 .. 2)

I will receive the error

Warning, expecting only range variable m in expression sin(m*x) to be plotted but found name x

I expect that there exist an alternative plot command in Maple, able to do that. I checked some members of Plots family that their name conducted me to check them. Moreover, I searched the web: but the most common retrieved results are related to drawing the area between two plots or under one plot.

A real example of what I am looking for is (not exaclty but something like) the below picure

A plot of Gaussian plots

Could you please let me know the alternative plot command, satisfying my requirement?

ali := (1/12)*(12*c[4]*ln(x+1)*x^4+48*c[4]*ln(x+1)*x^3+72*c[4]*ln(x+1)*x^2+48*c[4]*ln(x+1)*x+12*c[1]*x+30*c[2]*x^2+12*c[2]*x+36*c[3]*x^3+36*c[3]*x^2+12*c[3]*x+12*c[5]*x^5+48*c[5]*x^4+72*c[5]*x^3+48*c[5]*x^2+3*c[0]*x^4+12*c[0]*x^3+18*c[0]*x^2+12*c[0]*x+4*c[1]*x^4+16*c[1]*x^3+24*c[1]*x^2+6*c[2]*x^4+24*c[2]*x^3+12*c[3]*x^4+12*c[4]*ln(x+1)+12*c[5]*x)/(x+1)^4+.1

but simplify(ali-simplify(ali)) is not equal to 0!


Hello dear all,

I use maple 16, x64. When I run this code:

Student[Calculus1][ApproximateInt](cos(y/(-1+y)), y = 0 .. 1, method = lower, iterations = 1)

it results in "0.0667344650", exactly equal with the result of executing

Student[Calculus1][ApproximateInt](cos(y/(-1+y)), y = 0 .. 1, method = lower, iterations = 10000000000)

Any idea?


Best regards

In the name of God,


Hello dear experts,

I have a nonlinear multivariate system. By running fsolve and with the same initial values, 2 times, at the first time it yields the result but at the second time it doesn't solve. All of the settings in the both fsolve executions are the same.

Do you have any idea?


Best regards,


In the name God,

Hello all,

I'm a maple16-x64 user.

I am to solve a nonlinear 3-equation-system (Vector RO) for which I have It's exact solution up to 90 digits(Vector valued;)



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