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Dear all,

I am totally new to maple and would like to get an understanding for the "language" and how to work with maple. Thats why I tried to get a simple model from Mathematica into Maple, however, unfortunately, I am not able to initialize the plot I want to generate. Hence, I am wondering if someone could please help me here. My code looks as follows:

P[t] := a*ED[t - 1] + P[t - 1]

ED[t] := DC[t] + DF[t];

DC[t] := c(P[t] - P[t - 1])

DF[t] := b(F - P[t])

my initial conditions are:

a := 1
c := 0.75
b := 0.2
F := 100
P[0] := F
P[1] := F + 1

Now I would like to see how P[t] develops for t from 0 to 100, but I get the error "Error, (in Plot) Plot([ED[t-1]+P[t-1], t = 0 .. 100]) is not a valid command; see the plot help page" However, I am not able to get a grip on the helppage information. Hence I would be very glad if someone could help me here please.

Thank you in advance!

Best, Alex



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