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I also noticed that the download page disappeared during covid. I suspect that the author retired from TnTech during this period. Also I noticed they totally revamped their website. Presumably the down load page wasn't retained.

However, I found the other day a zip file with the maple 2017 version of clifford and bigebra. I am not certain it is installable in more recent versions, but source code is included so it should be possible to get it into an mla format. I found in the past the installation was quite messy. If you contact me through my maple username, I can forward you the zip file.


 The polite thing to do would be to ask before rewriting code this way.

Thanks, I see the error now. 

On a note of curiousity, working in the start up code editor, I noticed that the editor occasionally rewrites certain expressions when they are copied into the editor.  For example, when I originally copied the operator in question into the code editor without the local declaration, it rewrote the expression to include the local declaration. Another example I have noticed is when I copy an expression such as  A minus B where A,B are sets, the editor will rewrite to the alternate notation `minus`(A,B).  I know the editor contains templates, but I don't recall any mention of rewriting expressions pasted into the editor. Is there a way of controlling this feature?


Thank You.  The problem then rests solely in 2-D notation.  After you pointed out that 1D does work, I found that my 1D expression was missing the final set bracket, which caused the error. 

This might be an attractive addition to the Maple App. 


Not quite 4K, but hi-resolution.  Screen resolution is 2560 by 1440 on NVidia . Indeed, some of the icons are absent, particularly those in a grey-out state. I believe that I have updated all of the drivers made available through HP, but I will check per your suggestion.

Thank your for helping me to clarfy this issue.


Thank you for your quick response and apologies for my delay in replying. That you haven't seen this problem before tells me that the glitch is rooted in either my particular laptop or in the peculiarities of the way I'm using the software rather than in not the software itself.  Indeed, on reflection, I think this problem started when I installed on this computer.

As to the computer, I'm using Windows 11 fully updated running on an HP OMEN gaming laptop. This could be some weird interaction with the NVidia graphics. The graphics card has a 165Hz refresh rate and I note often that Maple does not fully refresh the screen. You might notice on the screenshot I originally sent that the leading part of the toolbar and the tabs for "pallet" and "workbook" are missing completely.  The glitch is quite ephemeral, usually showing up only after Maple has been running for several hours and it clears completely when I close/restart Maple. It does not affect the files even if I save them after the odd characters appear.

I have been using the start up code as a platform to test out and dissect the various procedures in an old maple package. This way I can isolate a procedure, test it,  and understand the algorithm behind it. Thus I'm doing a lot of copying from the editor to the worksheet, but I have not noticed any glitches appearing immediately when I copy text. Your suggestion about using the code window is something that I will try out.

If I can find a situation where I can reproduce the glitch I will send the work sheet, but so far it does not persist after restarting maple. Thanks for your attention.


Is this any better?  I should mention that the cut/copy function also shut down in the editor.  This has been a problem for me since at least Maple 2020, but in the past it only happened after I had maple open for half a day or so. Now, I have to restart Maple every several hours to clear up the problem with the editor.  However, as long as it doesn't corrupt the worksheet, the problem is tolerable.



Thank you. The code made me uneasy, even though it seemed to work within a procedure, and I couldn't confirm that existing table entries could be modified using the help page documentation.  I also appreciate your other suggestions to update the readability of the  code.  


Thank you. To confirm then, the form '$' (   )  will work in either 1D or 2D input, but the abbreviated form only works in 1D. Guess I leaped before I looked too closely.  

@Carl Love 

I did reply " Thank you for a master's class in maple programming".  I meant that sincerely.  I don't know what happened to the first reply I thought I had sent, but certainly did not intend a snub. 

Your answer was deep. The truth is I was unaware that Maple supported some functional programming so I have to think about how it works, how to use it, and when to use it..

As you said, the expressions work in 2-d math with one exception that may be of interest. See the attached worksheet.



Thanks greatly.  That works well in my worksheet.


OK. I did get off topic there.


I will admit that I haven't read the help documentation on the typesetting program, so if the answer to this question is obvious, I apologize.  Does typesetting offer the ability to use symbols not included in the standard palletes. eg. I use the flipped V symbol from the pallette for the grassmann (exterior) product, but the pallette does not define the "rfloor" or "lfloor" symbols that I use for contraction. One reason I didn't use neutral operators in my Glyph package was that I didn't see the point in creating an operator that didn't resemble the usual notation for that operation.


Thank you! Although it is a bit awkward, that procedure helps greatly.  Am I correct in assuming that when the document is completed, one can edit the color to make the atomic variables appear no different than the normal expressions.

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