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hi .mr Kitonum i attached file .please see it and help me.

i can not reach to the result



thanks alot..please see attached file below.

i apply whole your comments but in  final answer i dont know why amount of K1[1], K1[2],...

do not replease??

thanks alot


excuse me ...i forget remove it.

please check attached file below.i think that i reach to the answer

please check it again

thanks alot for attention and help to me...



THANKS...i have a another problem with following realation

please help me

thanks alot


thanks alot

i apply your good comments in the new code but at now i have some problem again

please see attached file below and help me

thanks alot


thanks for your attention.

1-i want to remove ''with(MTM): ''

2-i dont know this issue that there is difference between them.thus i must use only Bessel() in maple....

3-my mean is ''The Maple interpretation of diff(f(x), x, x) would be the second derivative of f(x) with respect to x''

4-I DONT KNOW this problem and i want use dsolve() in maple

5-i want to completely avoid loading the MTM package

6-yes ...i mean was S[m,n](t).

7-to answer

''In a similar way are you sure that 'xi', 'eta' ......''

i can say that , i want use different coefficient as xi[m] and eta[n] for dsolve eqaution.i confused where i should use non-indexable subscript and where use of it as indexable subscript??

please help me

thanks a lot


thanks ..please see attached file below

@Preben Alsholm 

this result are not correct..i think that we should use Newton-Raphson method instead of solve and fsolve...

@Preben Alsholm 

yes, you say correct...i mean sigma2

@Preben Alsholm 

thanks...i have same problem for following system that i dont know how i can draw its graph?

please see it.i must reach to the following picture as result


@Preben Alsholm i can draw graph'' sqrt(p1^2+q^2) with respect to sigma1''?

for example"


@Preben Alsholm 

thanks...i want to solve this couple equations simultaneously  and gaind p1 and q1  with respect to parameter sigma1


@Preben Alsholm 


@Preben Alsholm 

thanks i apply your comment but encounter with error''"unable to convert to an explicit first-order system"''

please see

@Carl Love 


yes f3 is the result (or one of the results) of a dsolve(..., numeric) computation.

no i want to compute the integrals a31 and a32 before doing the dsolve.

 f3(x) not f3(theta).i want first calculate  this integral and then use its answer in dsolve.

please see attached file below.dsolve for this case is time consuming and enconter with error

restart; Digits := 15; dsys3[1] := 1.39804733500615*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x, x))-20.8373457667114*(diff(f1(x), x, x))-2.82678993247240*(diff(f2(x), x, x, x))+52.7168505310530*(diff(f2(x), x))+0.662357093932194e-1*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x))-.470397869798952*(diff(f3(x), x))-3.30648328006403*f1(x)

1.39804733500615*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x), x), x))-20.8373457667114*(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x))-2.82678993247240*(diff(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x), x))+52.7168505310530*(diff(f2(x), x))+0.662357093932194e-1*(diff(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x), x))-.470397869798952*(diff(f3(x), x))-3.30648328006403*f1(x)


dsys3[2] := 8.81246609032610*(diff(f2(x), x, x, x, x))-365.238395383402*(diff(f2(x), x, x))+935.794579019693*f2(x)+2.82693397272729*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x))-30.1911843713272*(diff(f1(x), x))+1.09281316666667*10^(-10)*(diff(f3(x), x, x))-1.34509666666667*10^(-9)*f3(x)

8.81246609032610*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x), x), x))-365.238395383402*(diff(diff(f2(x), x), x))+935.794579019693*f2(x)+2.82693397272729*(diff(diff(diff(f1(x), x), x), x))-30.1911843713272*(diff(f1(x), x))+0.109281316666667e-9*(diff(diff(f3(x), x), x))-0.134509666666667e-8*f3(x)


beta := 100:``


JJ := evalf(Student:-Calculus1:-ApproximateInt(-beta^2*g3/((1-g3*f3(x))*ln(2*kappa*(1-g3*f3(x)))^2), theta = a .. 1, method = simpson))+evalf(Student:-Calculus1:-ApproximateInt(-chi*g3/(1-g3*f3(x))^4, theta = a .. 1, method = simpson)):

dsys3[3] := -0.104166022802734e-3*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x, x, x, x))+0.272050542507459e-1*(diff(f3(x), x, x, x, x))-2.43720057325002*(diff(f3(x), x, x))-.16558927348305*(diff(f1(x), x, x, x))+1.17598588657475*(diff(f1(x), x))+2.73022914514365*10^(-10)*(diff(f2(x), x, x))-3.36155011672494*10^(-9)*f2(x)+1.98218022588292*f3(x)+JJ

dsys3 := {dsys3[1], dsys3[2], dsys3[3], f1(0) = 0, f1(1) = 0, f2(0) = 0, f2(1) = 0, f3(0) = 0, f3(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f1))(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f2))(1) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@1)(f3))(1) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(0) = 0, ((D@@2)(f3))(1) = 0}; dsol5 := dsolve(dsys3, 'maxmesh' = 200, abserr = .1, method = bvp[middefer], numeric, range = 0 .. 1, output = listprocedure)

Warning,  computation interrupted





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