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@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Sorry for not being perfectly clear.

I copied the text from online Maple help and pasted it. The pasted text was the same as what you posted above in the first line. I then noticed that the multiplication signs were missing, and the exponenent was not reproduced properly. So I "fixed" these, using the help page as a template.


I've used Maple for nearly two months now, but it didn't occur to me that I should be calling the exp() function, rather than typing e^x. Anyway, sorry for the bother.


Duh, of course! I guess I got confused because I and Pi can be used in Maple just like you write an expression by hand. Sorry to waste your time with such a trivial error. Many thanks!


Ok. Thank you very much. It's not clear to me why one has to impose the limitations that n and kappa are positive to express the product in purely real terms, but this allows me to move forward. Thanks.

@rlopez Thanks for your reply.

Let me try to simplify the problem further. For now, let's try to evaluate the expression at a particular angle, say 60. Furthermore, let's consider only the numerator. I've made those changes and uploaded the new version below.

I take the numerator of rp and multiply it by its complex conjugate. This product should be able to be expressed in purely real-valued terms. Even after using the simplify() function, the expression that Maple generates still contains imaginary components.

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