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clearly the second case is complex, so that may add some overhead... however that fact that Mathemacia (that's what MMA is) does it so much faster screams at me that there may be another way.. (note that specifying datatype in the original matrix does not really help). any other thoughts?

thanks for the suggestions, although neither really works for me.

By the way in case I might not have been clear, by "sections" I literally mean maple sections (i.e. indented blocks that are created via insert->section).

Perhaps a simple way of comment/uncomment in the GUI editor is just not possible.... hmm.

I have version 13.

Ok - I do see what you mean.. this however for me only works when I want to comment out multiple lines wihtin the same execution block.

It still does not work when trying to comment out a whole sections

any other ideas?


thanks for your response, but you must be thinking about mathematica... this (for me) does not work in maple.

any other suggestions?


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