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According to the info on the web:

"This is the Physics package update, which includes improvements to existing functionality, fixes, and the latest new developments, in the Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions areas."

So in principle, even when not loaded explicilty, I would read that the version of the package itself may affect maple's behavior (related to differential equations, and hence I would think integration (?))

Of course I have no idea, if the version used is even remotely related to the problem here, but you seem to show that it may be perhaps.

@nm  I assume you filed a bug report about this? would be great to make sure the devs are aware of this issues...

your update is even more interesting.

i tried that on my machine (linux): repeating the run many tims, under various loads (full, minor, mid), but cannot reproduce it.

i don't know if it could be related, but have you tried updating the Physics package?

Also deleting any custum stuff you may have installed/setup (i.e say in the ~/maple folder - whatever that is on windows)?

i also cannot reproduce this problem (on linux); but somethign is clearly different - the forms of the solutions are not the same.




I took your comment:

"It should leave the Latex as is, no matter how long it is, and let the actual Latex compilation phase worry about this. "

to mean that the latex command should not do any line breaking, but my bad if I misunderstood your point, or took it out of context.

If you're saying that it's good to have line-breaking as something that can be controlled by the user (which the code effectively does make possible), then we're saying the same thing.


just to weight in on this discussion as I'm also a heavy latex() user. 

>> It should leave the Latex as is, no matter how long it is, and let the the actual Latex compilation phase worry about this. 

I would think there should always be an option that allows one to turn off any potential line wrapping - that I agree with. For me, setting linelength large enough has (so far) always worked well.

But I completely disagree with you that an option to do this should not be available. The problem of course is that, in general, getting this kind of automatic linewrapping for arbitrary expressions to *always* work at maple-to-latex conversion time (as opposed to compile time) is next to impossible because one would have to know something about the size of the actual rendered expressions relative to the expected page size, etc. 

    However for simple expressions (where it's "easy" to get it right), I can see this being quite useful... using third party text-wrapping packages is often painful, there can be conflicts, may require separate installation, and from my experience, a least, may still not always work correctly. 

Also, sometimes just having long expressions "preformatted" the right way is just useful visually when editing complicated documents - for me anyway.

great!... thanks for posting @ecterrab !


thanks for your post @Preben Alsholm 

what you propose doesn't really work (in general)... note that if, say, expr->5*expr, the substitution rule has to be adjusted (the point here would be for one to not have to do that - i.e., if expressions are long and complicated, this process becomes very tedious)

I'm basically suggesting that it would be good if algsubs would work with operators, in the way it does with non-operator quantities.

@The function 

while it's not related to your problem here, just fyi... "restart" should always be executed separately from anything else (i.e. on its own line).

Otherwise, can get  undefined behavior - see docs.

Thanks for posting. 

I personally find the noncommutative algebra of the Physics package very useful. Especially along with the SortProducts functionality, which can basically completely trivialize some really painful/tedious/boring calculations.

I have tried using operators inside matrices some years ago (that would have been more than 6 or 7 years for sure), and things were somewhat broken back then, but it's great to see from your worksheet that this functionality has now been fixed... 


thanks a lot for the useful info and the physics package update @ecterrab 

I have certainly not appreciated this point  - it's good to know for the future!


aghh.. good catch!... indeed changing the order works very nicely.

I would consier this a bug then (do you agree?). Will put in an SCR.


Thanks for your post @TechnicalSupport

your work around is very helpful!...and it does work with increasing the font size!... that's great.

There is a problem, however, that now the top ribbon/bar takes up a fifth of the screen real estate (please see screenshot)... is there a way to decrease/set the icon size?

(EDIT: yes, there seems to be an option under Tools->Options->Interfrace that controls the size of icons, i had it set to large, which is now not needed!)

Either way, this is a really great development and a game changer for me.. i basically stopped using maple on my laptop unless necessary... (next to impossible to select files for example, without some extranal "zoom-in" software).

It would be great if one could provide some option to xmaple that would make this a simpler process.. i.e something like

xmaple --zoom 2.0

which would pick fonts close to 2.0x of the default defaults (or whatever equivalent, say xmaple --fontsize 36, etc... )...

(at the moment one can't set JVM_OPTIONS externally it seems, because the maple script doesn't check if those are already set and instead overwrites... so one really has to dig into modifying the maple script as you suggested.)

Anyway, thanks again for your update - very useful stuff.




Hi @ecterrab 

SortProducts seems broken in latest physics version (1011).

Please see the attached worksheet.


(btw, i get an error from mapleprimes when I try to insert the worksheet below)

just a comment: i find your questions and Edgardo's answers very useful. I've also been playing a with expression selection/simplification and building these conditionals that can fine tune selections seems very powerful. 

I've also had a hard time with this. 
Maple is truly in the middle ages when it comes to exporting plots. A few years back, I spent a cringe-inducing amount of time making vector-format plots "presentable"... in the case of 3d ones, by doing things like auto-conversions between formats and/or directly editing/string-substituting contents of pdf files (i.e to get boundaries of figures show up correctly) - not to mention jumping through hoops to get labels/text to display correctly. 

The best workflow I found in the end....  is to completely give up on maple in that regard, and if need be, to export data and plot elsewhere for anything that needs to be presentable. Alternatively for simple numerical-only work, to just use other tools altogether, to save on the exporting headache. 

As I'm recently working on something that does require analytical work and a lot of plots (not for publication, at the moment, just to put in docs to show to collaborators), A few weeks ago, was checking again if things have changed... but as far as I can tell, not much (maybe I missed something though?). There seems to be plottools:-exportplot() command, but it does not seem to be able to output to pdf or svg... unfortunately (i.e. can't just do something like plottools:-export(file_name.pdf, myplot) - maybe there is some other vector export format that maple does support, where the conversion to pdf would be easy/reliable? haven't checked)

I don't know how badly this breaks for 3d plots, but for simple 2d plots that I've had to quickly do in a last week or so, I ve been basically saving as png, but setting fonts/linewidths as well as figure sizes to be HUGE. Then when I actually include those plots in documents, they are scaled down, and don't look completely horrible (still not publication ready - really need non-rasterized format for that). I use something like:

save_plot:=proc(p, file_name)
    plotsetup("png", plotoutput=file_name, plotoptions=cat("quality=100,portrait"));
    ssystem(sprintf("convert %s %s.pdf", file_name, file_name[1..-5]));

this is on linux, and requires "covert" installed to do the conversion to pdf (of course this is not required as the plot is still rasterized - just more consistent to have all pdf files for rest of my workflow). Clearly that doesn't help you if you really *need* vector graphics, but might be useful otherwise. 
Maybe there are better workflows that people have come across by now? 

As a side note, it would be great if plottools:-exportplot would be a nice robust command that works for all plots/scenarios, and most importantly could directly export to pdf/svg... maybe the whole ugly plotsetup() thing could then be "retired" as far as plot-exporting purposes go...  ;)  

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