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I feel your pain with getting maple's results into latex. Within the last week alone, I probably copied at least 50 lines of maple's output into latex... but manually. The latex that maple produces by default, is not really usuable in my experience.




well..  i meant the "extra space" as in the space in the variable you've initially defined.

or put another way, the copied variable has no space while the original, defined as "de" does.

The point of course is that one would probably expect that simplify(a-b) should give 0 because the two expressions would be the same - but they're not as far as maple is concerned - the process of copy/pasting altered one of them.


You're wolceme.

... but as I was saying, you should be careful with using the de as you've defined it. It's really easy to run into weird problems when you need to copy/paste code. It's trivial here, but when you have more complicated expressions that you have to deal with, finding this problem could take a while. So having a "guarantee" that variable names copy/paste properly is quite important.

In the example below the problem goes away (at least here) if one defines:
de:=`δx`;  #no space


here is the raw code:

de:=` δx`;
a:=de * 3;
#copy paste the delta x from the 2d math from Eq above , into the next expression to to define b:
b:= δx * 3 ;
#again copy paste the two - note now there is an extra space
#in one of them, between the quotes! - the delta we've defined
#is not the same as what got copied!
3*` δx`-3*`δx`

@Alejandro Jakubi 

i have - in the past.

@Alejandro Jakubi 

Hi Alejandro:

just to chime in with my 2 cents here...

I didn't interpret Acer's narrative as even remotely similar to Wolfram's... Ironically, he's usually the first (!) to tackle questions that require some changes/tinkering with maple's internals - as is the case with my current question.

I think we have to be realistic about the "openness" of Maple - it is not an open source project - it's a closed source platform, with its main goal being that of making money for Maplesoft. This is completely fine... (even though far from optimal for many users).

IMO the best way to ensure the existence of fully open and transparent tools, is to contribute to the various open projects that have been slowly gaining momentum over the last few years - SAGE seems like a good choice...



thanks for your answer... seems more time consuming that i can afford right now, but maybe will look at this in the future if it doesn't get picked up during the next point release.


ok, so to be clear, I guess you you mean that, if I say have an mla file that contains some module named Foo, there is no way for me to print all the source code of that module?



thanks - that's what i suspected. How would I see the whole module then? I.e. the full code for everything that I need in order to redifine my own version of Explore. Is that possible?

thanks!... (sorry if this is in the docs - if so, i am not able able to find it).


Hi Acer:

this bug aside, do you have any idea why redefining the "Explore" command by showing its code with "showstat" and then re-declaring with a different name is not working for me? it seems to have worked before with other simpler commands that I've tried this with (say Grid:-Map, or even the old Explore in maple 15 - using your suggestion in fact - see this post  )




I am using maple 2015.

Here is a trivial example that shows what I mean:

Explore(plots:-display(Matrix((i,j)->plot(sin(a*x), x=0..5),4,4), labels=["x", "this is y"]), parameters=[a=1..2], placement=left, size=[1200, 1000]);

Attaching two screenshots, the first shows what things look like by default, and the second, when I switch (via right hand menus) the alignment of the table column where the plots are to "Left"




good find - please submit a bug report here:

i thought this post would be hitting mid 50s in responses by now, with everyone wanting to share their init.mpl equivalents... no?!  

where did i go wrong?!  ...  haha ;)

@Carl Love

My guess is that the method you describe is probably more flexible than what's provided in the Finance package, but for some problems the Finance package is really quite nice to use.

The documentation is also very good, so you should easily find many examples of how to use the stochastic solver there. A good start might be:

I wanted to attach a simple worksheet that I compiled in the past and that contains some examples, but I am not able to upload it - on two different browsers I get "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." message... I give up...

just a follow up to acer's suggestion.

for me, in some odd situations ctrl+del does not work then the cursor is on/in the iterm i want to delete. What helps usually is to create an execution grou before this item with ctrl+k, move the cursor there, and only then press ctrl+del (a few times).


thanks for the post... i think acer' suggestions above will work better for me, as they get rid of the "unwanted" part of the axes automagically, but neat idea nevertheless!

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