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thanks for responding... yes - in fact i tried doing everythign in one go before.

I am using maple 13 and from your code i get the following error:


Error, (in Setup) multiple definition of algebra rule; received values for %Commutator(Dagger(b), c) are {0, rule}

does that code work for you?? what version of maple?


i now get around things by just defining aD, bD, etc... as operators.. and after the algebra just sub {aD=Dagger(a), bD=Dagger(b), etc}.

I am still finding however that the usefulness (as is) of this package for me is very limited as simplify and algsub/sub cannot not really simplify my terms far enough if they're operators (i.e commutators are not taken into account as much as i'd like.



hi Jakubi... I am aware of the '~' operator, however it is a new development and only works on maple 13.. (i need my worksheets to work on older versions, so use map instead).

... the problem is that (IMO) Im should behave in the same way as Re... and hence if one can operate on a matrix, so should the other.

... I will try to minizmie my worksheet to show a case where Im(Matrix) always crashes the kernel (and not just returns an error).

getting the imaginary part of a matrix is borken for me (on both maple 12 and 13 - maybe someone can verify?)

Here's a simple example:


Re(m); # works!

Error, invalid input: simpl/Im expects its 1st argument, x, to be of type {boolean, algebraic}, but received Matrix(2, 2, [[...],[...]], datatype
= anything)

When i try to do this on a bigger matrix (in a large worksheet) the kernel crashes.

This is a workaround for me, which works:
map(Im, m);

NOTE: Perhaps Im was not meant be able to operate on a matrix - but it should still not kill the kernel.



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