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@Rouben Rostamian When I run ulimit, it prints "unlimited". When I run kernelopts(stacklimit) inside of maple, it says 8160, and the most I can raise it to is 8192. 

@Carl Love I am glad to know that at least someone has been able to replicate the problem. For a while I thought the problem was, as you say, PolynomialIdeals overloading something. Now I am not so sure, because I don't think this would explain why commenting out other lines of code, like "root_func := F[0,x]:" or "latex:-Settings(useimaginaryunit=i):" would fix that problem, as it does for me.

In a much different example that I was not able to minimize, and so I didn't post, I had defined a list of equations (that came from parsing a JSON string) that was never used anywhere in a computation, yet at the end of the script, the 4th entry was always overwritten to be the mysterious sequence

`*`, `+`, `::`, series, SDMPolynom, constant, undefined, create, overwrite

Even if I manually created a new variable with the same contents as the original list (to make sure nothing was being passed by reference in an unexpected way), the 4th entry of that copy was still overwritten. This is what made me initially suspect that some internal memory was being accidentally overwritten.

@Thomas Richard Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this didn't change the behavior.

@acer Thanks for the tips. The userinfo appears undelayed. Unfortunately it appears with the function name in front of it, like "foo: [message]" and I can't do more than one print on the same line. `print`ing a single character string also de-buffers the printf statements but then you get a lot of " " lines in your code.

For now I'll use the userinfo option.



If I change every printf([foo]) to print(sprintf([foo])) then all print statements come out as called, though the formatting is poor. This leads me to believe that it is specifically an issue with the buffering of printf.

@acer I'm using Maple 18 on OSX 10.10.4. I'm not very familiar with the GUI, but I believe I'm using a Worksheet.

As the function goes through its steps, it has short printf statements to print current progress. Each printf is a single line of text. In the command line interface, it works fine, and whenever the printf statement is reached the output appears in the terminal. In the GUI, (as Carl Love stated) the output doesn't appear either execution is finished (or sometimes, a block of 100 or so lines will appear all at once in the middle of execution). What I would like is for each line to appear as each printf is called.

I don't want to use a component because I'd like the same version to work in both CLI and GUI interfaces. I can't come up with a simple example that exhibits this issue, but I've experienced this issue with completely unrelated programs, so it's not specific to this implementation.

@Kitonum If you increase Digits, the HFloat(undefined) resolves correctly. This also seems to me like a bug. 

@Carl Love Thanks Carl, this is what I'll use for now, though I worry about propogating error with the high-degree polynomials. Is there some mechanism by which I can report this bug.

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