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@Carl Love 

Many thanks Carl Love!!  I never would have noticed in a million years that it was not colon (:) followed by an equals (=),  Acturally, I got it from here:  https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/maple/view.aspx?path=Statistics%2FDistributions%2FUniform 

What I did was copy the line with the bad character, pasting that into notepad (windows 10) , and then copied from notepad and pasted into my worksheet (no palette).

Now, typing in colon equals it works as expected.

@acer :  thanks, that seems to work.  Intresting, because in some older versions of maple F3 and F4 did exactly that.

@dharr   Many thanks.  That was it!

@dharr Thanks.  Shift-enter does the trick.  I have maple 16.  Just got it.  The error did not give me that advice.

@acer  Thanks.  I just enter test:=proc(A,B) and hit enter and I immediately get the error message

Error, unterminated procedure

So, now I use Ctl-Enter as you suggested and I get a "new page" right after my line.  All I want to do is type in a multi-line procedure, nothing complicated.  But I'm still stuck.

@erik10  I am trying to run Maple 7 under windows 10.  It runs OK, but any attempt to use "save", or "save as", or "ctrl-S" causes maple to close with all work lost.  Is there a fix for this?

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