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James (Jim) Cooper has successfully built Maplesoft into the world’s premier advanced mathematics, modeling and simulation software provider. He is responsible for the company’s financial performance, and oversees all aspects of the company’s operations including strategic business planning, product direction as well as sales and marketing.

Cooper brings over 20 years of experience in corporate management of advanced technology business ventures to his role as President and CEO of Maplesoft. Prior to joining Maplesoft, Cooper co-owned WESCAM, the highly successful manufacturer of gyro-stabilized camera pods used extensively in both the security and entertainment industries. In addition, he successfully started and developed Puppetworks.com, makers of motion capture devices for the 3D animation industry. Cooper has held senior positions with a number of high technology companies. He was Worldwide Director for Intelligent Networks with Sema Wireless Group; Divisional Manager at Alias-Wavefront, a world renowned 3D graphics company; and Development Manager at CAE, makers of advanced aircraft flight simulators.

Cooper graduated on the Dean’s honor list from the University of Waterloo in 1980 with a Bachelor’s of Engineering and started his career as a control engineer, developing advanced control systems for aircraft flight simulators.

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At Maplesoft, we see our key mission as developing products that assist both students and practitioners of science, mathematics and engineering. There is no conflict in this approach. Students should be taught with tools that they will continue to use for their entire careers. Over 60% of the people at Maplesoft are directly developing these products, constantly trying our best to eliminate deficiencies and introducing state of the art, ground breaking product enhancements. It is a broad area and a huge task; I agree that we still have a great deal of work ahead of us. Today, our products are widely used around the world, with approximately equal usage between North America, Europe and Asia. We support researchers from around the world and these worldwide innovations are added with home grown, Canadian innovations to produce the best product possible. Although we have a new ownership structure, both operations and our mission has remained the same, with the added benefit of additional resources to accelerate the pace of new product innovations. I would simply ask that you provide us with a short period of time to prove the above statements and judge us by the quality and scope of upcoming product releases.

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