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I put together the attached worksheet to help me determine the cheapest way to buy "refreshments" for a party by comparing price and volume of different bottle size options.  The spreadsheet works fine as is.  However, when I right click on the output of line (14) and format pct_difference as percent with 2 decimal places and execute the worksheet, Maple hangs on that line and progresses no further.  This doesn't happen in Maple 2018 but the problem does show up in Maple 2024.  Suggestions please?


Every last query I make in the AI Formula Assistant returns this message...

This happens even when I use a basic canned query shown in use-case examples (e.g., surface area, sphere).

I have accepted the Terms of Use.  Is there some other setting I need to enable? Thanks.

I have a simple tank design worksheet that calculates dimensions of a tank that I need to build to hold a given amount of liquid.  My question is this - when I include a "with(Units);" statement, the volume function gets rendered in operator prefix notation.  Why is this?  Is there a setting to prevent this from happening?  Thanks.

Without "with(Units);"...

With "with(Units);"...

I've included a worksheet that shows the function both with and without the inclusion of "with(Units);".


Simple question (I'm sure) here.  I have one worksheet where the variable does not show up in the ouput of an assignment like this:

whereas I was expecting the output to include the variable being assigned like this in most other worksheets:

I am having some difficulting locating the cause (and therefore the setting) to have the behavior set back to including the variable name in the ouput.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Hope this is a simple question to answer but how do you use units and show 1 of something without losing the 1.  For example, it's easy enough to show 3 hours as 3h but nobody writes 1 hour as "h".  It's just silly.  Is there a way for 1 hour to render as "1h"?  Really the question is can you get 1 of any unit to show as "1 unit" and not just "unit"? Thanks.

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