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Good morning, mjj. I have a work sheet that will do this. Every time I try to type it into this comment block, when I look at the Preview, what I see is not what I typed. So, I give up. Send me an email and I will email you the little program. Jim Herod jherod@tds.net
Dan, I think your searching around for a math package that will do what you need to do is over! No doubt you have read some of the questions at this site and know that folks at many levels use MAPLE to explore science, engineering, and mathematical problems. I believe you will find MAPLE to be intuitive and not hard to use at all. We all could suggest many places that give an introduction for new users. You will forgive me for citing my own work, but you might look there. You can find my web page by going to GOOGLE and typing in Jim Herod
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