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@tomleslie and @acer 28177 

I appreciate you all for your support and contributions to my work.

My next question is about how to limit my vertical output to between 1 and 0. 

For example by applying sigmoid or any other better solution you may suggest. 


@tomleslie Thanks a million.

When I downloaded your example, I was able to run it. Thanks

@tomleslie Thanks, exactly what I am looking for.

However, I am using Maple 18. I am not getting the same result please. I could not see the graph. See output below please. Why is the second graph not displaying please?


@acer, Thank you so much. You understand exactly what I am look for. 

I appreciate the briliant input from @tomleslie 13589. The graph looks exactly as expected but the issue now is to tweak it so that at when the x axis is 0, the vertical will be 150 and at 5, it will be 0.

Can InversePlots be applied and if so, what will be the outcome of InversePlots? I read about it but I don't know how to apply it.

I think my goal is well speltout now.

Regards, and I cannot that you all for your time and sharing my concern.

More grace.

@acer Thank you.



From what you used to demonstrate the other issues for me, what if  I want it to start from 140 and come down? How does invernse plot command works?

sol7:= dsolve({D(N)(t) = N(t), N(0)=1}, type=numeric):


  plots:-odeplot( sol7, [t, N(t), color = red,
                  thickness = 2, linestyle = dot], 0 .. 5),
  labels = [t,N(t)], size=[475,400] );

@acer Thanks.

My ODE is bulky and I don't know how to exract it for you to understand it.

However, I will like the horizontal axis to remain 0 to 15 but on the vertical axis, instead of having it going from 1 down to zero, I want it to be from 1 going up to 2. 

I hope you get me right.

Thank you for your time to help me out.

@acer Thanks, It works perfectly, as you can see.

However, in my analysis, this means highest. Is there a way I could tweak this so that it will be Ascending instead of Descending?


Thanks a million acer 28145 ,

It works as expected.

Please I also need help on how to make my lines asterisk or cross.

Thank you for the response.

I am very new in using Maple. I working with Maple 18a.

How do I include the legend option in this line please?

plot_N := plots[odeplot](sol7, [t, N(t), color = RED, thickness = 2, linestyle = dot], 0 .. 5)

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