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You can also type 5 (7 y + 3) = 39 into a Maple document. In document mode you do not need to enter a * you can just enter a space. Once the equation is typed in you can right click on it and select solve -> solve for variable -> y.
You can change a student's score for a particular question by drilling into their assignment. Grade Book -> Administration -> select student name -> select the assignment From here you can edit the student's grade.
See Scott's response below.
Hi Linda, To display your integral nicely you should use Maple's MathML package. For example: $eqn_Display = maple("MathML[ExportPresentation](Int(x^2+y^3,x=0..1))"); will display the definite integral. Int is the inert form of int, which is the integration command in Maple. Or $eqn_Display = maple("MathML[ExportPresentation](x^2+y^3)"); will display the integrand nicely and then use the equation editor to create your integral. Jenna
When using commands from any package in Maple you do not have to specify the command in the with statement. All you need to do is specify which package you are using. For example: with(plots): implicitplot(x^2+y^2 = 10, x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10)
As mentioned before, this is a bug in Maple 11.01. It should be fixed in the next dot release which will be available shortly. To check which version of Maple you are running go to Help -> About Maple.
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