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There are a lof of individual Maple calls, some of which may not be necessary. Each call will open a separate Maple kernel and use resources on the server. This can slow processing down especially if a large number of users is accessing at the same time. You can combine Maple commands into a single or small number of calls and use switch to retrieve them instead,

$call1=maple("command1; command2; command3, ...");


$var2=switch(1,$call1);  ...etc

I believe the arrays can be created in T.A. without the use of Maple call, for example

$arr1=[11.2,3.4,11.22,8.2];   instead of   $arr1=maple("[11.2,3.4,11.22,8.2]");  might work for your purposes.

There are some intermediary variables (py, pz, o) that are not otherwise used or plotted. Variables that are not directly used in grading or display can likely be cut as intermediary steps.

I'm not that familiar with multivariate statistics, but I hope this general advice is helpful.

@TDA_Miller I think we can get the question you are doing working.  Can you .zip it and send it to 'Help@maplesoft.com' and start off with Katherine, then it will definitely get to me. 

One thing I want to check when you do so, and you can check it as well.  Next to the preview Equation Editor, there should be a button with an Epsilon, this will switch you back and forth between Inline math and the Equation Editor style.  Write your response as you have been doing in the Equation Editor, then hit the Epsilon button.  This will auto convert it to Inline.  There may be a conversion problem here between the Equation Editor and Inline. TA will use the converted Inline to grade, and if it is messing up one of the operations during conversion, it will give a different Inline answer than what you intended when you input via the Equation Editor and mark it wrong.


Can you try adding multiplication signs in the equation editor? I have seen this before. It's sometimes unintuitive and still expects computational math. So in the denominator you need a * between each separate term.

Specifically my previous message was about your randomized variable code, not the above code where you replaced everything with numbers. The above answer and response work for mine and are graded correctly.


I don't think the extra parantheses should matter unless there's an error.  Can you export any versions you have been working on, including the one you're using now and send them to the TA help desk?  Help@maplesoft.com  We can continue discussing it on primes or through email, but I want to see if I can get it working from what you have.

I have been trying the code as written but it's throwing a syntax error for me and I haven't been able to find it yet.

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