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These are questions asked by kencom1

Please, anyone with the idea on how to plot D1 against alpha[n]. The link is attached below



Good day sirs, I write a system of DAE but giving me this code "(The use of global variables in numerical ODE problems is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. Use the 'parameters' argument instead (see ?dsolve,numeric,parameters)". The code is attached below.

Thanking you in anticipating for your help.


Good day everyone and happy new year in advance. I'm trying to write a code for a series but its not substituting. Below is the attached file. Thanking you very much in anticipation for your help.

Hi everyone,

Please, I really need your expertise advice(s) on what i am not doing right in the code attached below. I was actually writing the code on Multi-step DTM, but, instead of continuing from the last point, it starting all over again. Please, your expertise will save a soul here. Regard


Anyone with the idea of seq such help please. I am tryong to collect all the series into one case but its only calling the last one.

The link is attached below. Thank you in advance

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