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thanks, unfortunately your suggestion does not work. I have tried these thinks: 1) reinstall maple 9.5 2) upgrade to 9.52 3) firewall: enable java, mserver, maple9.5.exe 4) disable the firewall cwmaple9.5.exe works maple9.5.exe does NOT work... <===== I do not have any error message, so I do not have a clue to solve the problem. ...is it possible to discover what go wrong? thanks again for your patience g.
thanks for your message. When installing ie7 I had to reconfigure the firewall. Today I have installed maple 9.52 and, as a test, I have switched off the firewall (both windows firewall and f-secure) but still maple does not work. using Task Manager I noticed that THE FIRST time after boot when I try to run maple, FOR FEW SECONDS, maple9.5.exe and java.exe are activated and then immediately switched off. If I run maple another time, I can see (for a while) just maple9.5.exe (but not java.exe). classic maple run perfectly. can you help me? thanks. giovanni legnani
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