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@taro Could you please show me a detail how to add chapters to my maple file? I can not find the command. Thanks very much!

@taro Thanks for providing me a good example and a proper way, but your uploaded file doesnot work on my computer. I do not know why. My computer is win 10, and office 2016. So, what is the problem´╝č Thanks very much!

@Thomas Richard Can you give me a small file to show how to make a ppt by maple, because I only see one slide under the slideshow mode. Thanks very much. 

@Thomas Richard Thanks for your information, but I find that I can not go to the next page and I can not run the code when I view the worksheet on the slideshow mode. Is there any way to solve it? Thanks very much! Have a nice day!

@acer I read the discription on Bifurcation again, and your idea is right. Thanks very much!

@acer It seems the bifurcation of the 2-dim maps, and it is very interesting, but I am confused what is the ordinate of these two figures. I think these two figures must be the same, why they are distinct. Thanks very much!

@acer Thanks very much! It works. Happy Thanksgiving!

@acer It seems a good procedure for solving my question, but where is the file "/mapleprimes/im1.jpg". Could you send me a procedure for exporting to .bmp to my Email: lei.niu@helsinki.fi

Thanks very much! Happy Thanksgiving!

@tomleslie The numerical values are generated, and @acer give me a reasonable answer.

@acer yes,it works in maple 2016 by fixed the linestyle=solid

@rlopez The version is 2016.1

I use it just when I installed it. And I restart the computer several times, but it still does not work. It works in Maple 2015. But there is something wrong else in Maple 2015.

When I run the following code in Maple 2015

DEplot3d({(D(x1))(t) = x1(t)*(2+.5*sin(t)-1.5*x1(t)+.5*x2(t)-.5*x3(t)-.5*x4(t)), (D(x2))(t) = x2(t)*(2+.5*sin(t)+6*x1(t)-1.5*x2(t)-5.5*x3(t)-x4(t)), (D(x3))(t) = x3(t)*(2+.5*sin(t)+1.4795*x1(t)-1.5*x3(t)-1.978*x4(t)), (D(x4))(t) = x4(t)*(2+.5*sin(t)+x1(t)-.5*x2(t)-x3(t)-1.5*x4(t))}, {x1(t), x2(t), x3(t), x4(t)}, t = 0 .. 120, x1 = 0 .. 3, x3 = 0 .. 3, x4 = 0 .. 2, [[x1(0) = 1, x2(0) = 0.2e-1, x3(0) = .1, x4(0) = .1], [x1(0) = 1, x2(0) = 1.06, x3(0) = 1.02, x4(0) = .98]], scene = [x1(t), x3(t), x4(t)], stepsize = 0.5e-1, thickness = 1, orientation = [139, -106], linecolor = sin(t)-t);
I only get a white-black figure, which is not colored. See the figure below.

@rlopez but I only get the axial box. There is no curve in it. Please see my figure below.

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