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These are questions asked by levy

Hello everybody,


I have a numerical list of points' coordonées defined as :

{P1,P2,P3, ...}

where P1 is defined by [r,theta,phi] radius, azimut, elevation.

Can I plot this in a cartesian coords whitout calculing X=r*cos()*sin() .... ?



I have a parametric function which represent an angle and parameters are angles too.


I plot theta whith plot3d but when theta become inferior to -90°, maple draw a gap of 180°

How can I plot theta without gap ?





I am looking for plotting a function which is the localisation of a point in space.

This vector can be write as [X(theta1,theta2,theta3),Y(theta1,theta2,theta3),Z(theta1,theta2,theta3)].

How can I plot all possible point in space when parameters theta1 theta2 theta3 vary to -Pi .. Pi without loop (for while) ?


I tried :



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