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I am trying to interpolate a set of arbitrary numbers including real ones like Pi and plot them using ArrayInterpolate. This does not work. Is there a simple way around this?

Thank you.



For my thesis I would like to illustrate the inclination of the solar system objects in a plane. Imagine the Solar system as a circular plane which is the average of the motions of all objects orbiting the Sun. Each individual planet/object is inclined towards this averaged plane - some more, some less. E.g. this image. Behind Neptune there lies the so-called Kuiper belt with many thousands of dwarf planets (Pluto is one of them and there are over 1000 objects known out there already). Now imagine that the big heavy Jupiter and other big planets perturb those small objects out there: so they are also inclined towards the average plane, see this image. Their inclination depends on their radial distance to the Sun (measured usually in Astronomical Units...1 unit is the distance Sun-Earth...we are talking about 40 to 50 units here). For one, I want to visualise this: imagine a circular plane and each orbit out there has another angle to the average plane. This is the first. But now: imagine the circle with it's 360°. Each object reaches it's highest point on its orbit around the Sun on another angle on this 360° circle. Neptune e.b. at 170°, Pluto at 250° etc. You get the picture. So not only are the objects in the Kuiper belt inclined differently, but their maximum orbit positions are also scattered across an imaginary 360° circle. I want to show this with a 3d-plane like this image but not with two peaks for one orbit. Is there a way to do/plot/visualise this in Maple? I am just interested in a visualisation of the principle without any empirical data behind this.



I am new to the Maple Forum and have the following question.I am calculating some Gaussian error propagations and other equations and did this in this way:


Now I am having several dozens of different y and z for which I have to calculate the above equation. How can I define these variables y and z only once at the beginning before all equations and press the button !!! that everything afterwards is just calculated with the defined variables? This way I would only have to change the variables once instead of several times in each term and for each equation.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help!


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