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1)it is long and does not work

2)it is on a research problem that I am currently working on so it is secret until I arxiv post.


the problem turns out to be worse,  multiplying several matrices gives the error "to much recursion" so the matrices have to be re-entered each time,  makes my program about 500 equations instead of 5

it is part of a very long program which I an changing from maple 9 to maple 19,  I tried taking out just the equations and the problem did not occur.  I think that it has something to do with modes and input types. What is does is take the whole of the previous "Z=X+Y" and add it to the new A thus "A+Z=X+Y" instead of "A+Z"   

how can I get maple rss feed to work in thunderbird?

@macrobbair I have a Maple 9 worksheet that calculates the dirac equation in k=0 robertson-walker.  I am getting nowhere trying to do this with Maple 2019,  the definitions just do not work,  should I upload my maple 9 program?  if so how do I do this?

Still stuck,  I prefer to load metric or tetrad by hand rather than from a library,  I cannot work out how to paste code here.    What is going wrong is the indices in definitions,  both tetrad indices and spacetime indices,  I just get a definition did not work red comment.

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