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@acer Thanks again for your response. 

MWE - minimum working example: In this case it would be the minimum required code to implement a call from python to an OpenMaple kernel and collect the result. 

Sorry for the confusion. In the first instance I am hoping to be able to use a maple kernel process called from a python script with the output returned to the python script.

The reason for PIPE/io references is because I am currently using an asynchronous process api to alleviate some of the overhead ascociated with using a lot of calls to cmaple - something that I hope will not be required with OpenMaple.  

Hope this clears things up.

@acer This seems like exactly the kind of thing that I need! I don't suppose I could trouble you for a simple MWE? I will work on making one myself and post it here in case anyone has a similar requirement.

Thanks again.

@Carl Love Thanks for the reply, The sockets package seems like it would work if the backend was running remotely, but I am running everything locally, would a TC/IP connection be faster than write/reading from memory?

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