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i have a same problem , could you please help to solve this problem?

I used maple help to solve my problem but for this one I could not.

I have equation system with 4 equations and variables are for example x y z w .

The problem is I  have  xy  x^2  x^3  yw   in my equations so maple with solve could not solve that.

On the other hand,the equation are parametric and non numeric I mean the answer...



I try to find minimum value for numbers as follow,

for i from 1 to 1000 do

x:= 1+i; 

y[i]:= 2*x+1;

a:=min(seq(y[k],k=1..1000));  print(a); od;

in this case the maple can not provide any solution

however, when i use 100 instead 1000 i obtain result as follow,

for i from 1 to 100 do x:= 1+i;  y[i]:= 2*x+1; a:=min(seq(y[i],i=1..100));  print(a); od;

could you please help me to solve this problem?


i have a maple 14 but when i plot a function i obtain large value of legend which is not suitable when i used this plot of function. i try to used the code " font = ["HELVETICA", "ROMAN", 8],this code it work.

but the code that used to change the size of legend is not work. the code is :

legendstyle = [font = ["HELVETICA", 9], location = right]);

can you please help in this problem?


i use fsolve to find appraxmaite solution. there are some parameter in my equastion wher i do loop in this pramater form 0.. 1000,000,00

i have other problem with "fsolve and digits". when Digits =12;  i cannot find  approx solution using "fsolve"

when i decrease or increase  the digit "Digits:=11 , Digits:=13",  i find the  approx solution using "fsolve".

i donot know what is wrong!!!


i have run a progrm in maple. this program is to solve 6 equastions for 1000 000 00 times. maple is shutdown when the process reach 1000,000 times.

can you help me to solve this problem in the maple pragram, please?

do you think increase the memory pf the maple is on solution for this problem?



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