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Thanks a lot !!!

@Carl Love 

The first time I looked at the problem, I also came to this conclusion, but the possible answers are:


z= -4*pi/29[58sin(2)+116cos(2)-15] + i{8*pi/29[58sin(2)-29cos(2)+3]}

z= -8*pi/29[58sin(2)-29cos(2)+3] + i[4*pi/29[58sin(2)+116cos(2)-6]


@Carl Love 


It's Euler's number: e. Sorry!

@Bryon How do I do to replace my question?It is to edit the first question I asked or need to create a new topic?

@Carl Love 

As for my doubts, I wanna calculate i*j*i^{-1}  for each pair of elementsi and j in A.

@Carl Love 

First, I apologize, but I just changed the title when I answer the colleague. Inotchangedmy question. I`ll replices ir, ok?

I want to create a loop to calculate some things in that list. I can, for example do so:

for i from 1 to nops(A) do
   for j from 1 to nops(A) do
   end do;
end do;

Then I'll multiply by the results of another operation I could ever put together and then make the comparison with another. But I could not perform this operation, I'm thinking wrong when mounting the loop?

@Carl Love 

Thank you!
What I think I associated the Matrix,

where we work with the element's position ,
then I wanted Do the same with the select command .Now I learned the right.
Thanks a lot!!!
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