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Thanks Alec for your reply


You provided for Band C partial sums : What about D ?


I also need total sums of the individual partial sums.

Better to see your pproach also.

I think I can do something with eval ?



Dear Alec


I agree with your views from a math point of view. These sums behaves as we both are aware of. My problem is with the Maple code. Please provide it together with a graph showing how the sums behaves when n goes from 1 to if not infinity then a "big number"

I have the biggests prblem making the graph for the laste two items C and D as they behaves as the sums behaves as they do.



FOllowup Alec Plot these functions. I need urgent help with these sum of numberseries with Maple codes and a graph for each of them (so I can work on it forther) : B=\sum_{n=[1,infinity]}(-1)^{n}(3n^{2}+7n-1)/(3n^{5}+4n+1) C=\sum_{n=[1,infinity]}(-1)^{n}(n^{2}+n-1)/(3n^{2}+n) D=\sum_{n=[1,infinity]}sin((phi/2n)+n(phi)) BR Hans
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