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@vv Thanks, I will try the combine option. Maple has so many layers of options.

@rlopez I see. I will try that, thanks :D

@pagan Alternatively the command interface(rtablesize=infinity) always displays the rtable.

Thankyou :)
Will this code work too? It's a bit shorter.


Nevermind my program throws an error with


Your program works. So it looks like we can't condense it this way. Thanks again

@vv Hi. I am new to maple, and i saw that animation. Can I see the code to that. It looks very interesting.

Nice 3d graphs. How did you use "trunc(x) =z"   in the graph?

@acer I am curious about the parametric part in your command,

In general, how do we know to treat such a problem as parametric, or when should it be used.

If we had three equations in three unknowns, would it be no longer parametric?

@acer That seems work. Thanks. 

@tomleslie "Simply not getting what your problem is"

Did you not see my error above? 

I downloaded your worksheet , got the same error when i clicked on the !!! execute icon.


I downloaded the help file from scratch, just to make sure . 

Still get same error. 

I also updated maple 2016 to the latest update. Maybe its unique to my computer and this particular installation. I'm not sure.

When I copy paste the last line in 1d math notation it is missing a space. 



@tomleslie Maple 2016

@Alger  I get an empty output when i enter this command or code.

@Rouben Rostamian  

Thanks for the reply. I am curious about this command " int~ ". I can't find any documentation for it. If I use int(a,t) it says "Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments: wrong type of integrand passed to indefinite integration."  So I surmise that int~(a,t)  can be used for vector integration. Also i noticed you didnt use any packages.

@rlopez Thanks for the reply. That's an interesting workaround.

As an aside, I was under the impression that maple experts use Maple notation exclusively, or 1d math notation ( with 2d math display output), and frown upon Math mode (that is the 2d notation).

The maple online guides or manuals tend to be written it in maple notation.


Can you explain the logic behind that. Does that mean int is a function that we have to unapply?

For example, a one variable int(x^2,x) = x^3/3 is not a function, but an expression.

But maybe the vector int(<4*t, sin(t),cos(2*t)>, t) is a function of t?

hmm, i have the same problem with one variable

unapply does the trick here as well.

So my question boils down to, why isn't  " v := x->% " equivalent to "v:=unapply(%,x)"

I downloaded the patch maple 2016.2 and as you can see Tautology command is still not working.

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