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@saba you should specify boundary conditions and other constants and after that, i think you will get desired answer

@tomleslie i guess that the problem is with independent variables, i guess W and Phi are functions of both " x " and " z "

@torabi if it has phi(z) it is pde ! not ode ! but i assume you should define function of Z , as a parametr , then solve your equations and after that ! solve your pramater.

in your equation, phi is function of z ! but in intergal and thus should be solved ! and then you should solve your ode system ! 

@tomleslie tnx for your help, but your answer is some what different from @Axel Vogt's answer ...

@Axel Vogt tnx it helped and answered, 

@tomleslie i think i have uploaded wrong version, and i will edit and also upload here , and all the problems with unassigned symbols,have been corrected.
i want a closed form solution and plot the result, is that equivalent to evaluate integral numerically and plot the resulting points? if the answer is yes, how can we plot numerical integration?

@Rouben Rostamian  tnx for quick answer,actually, the problem is finding constants, so as you said, the boundary conditions for this problem should be fixed and then , we should find the constants... 
can we fit the answer to spcefic diagram ? for finding the constants..


@vv y is positive... why t should be x ? it can not solved assuming x as a constant number ?

@vv when x and y are between numbers about -100 and 100 this circle like diagram is included ! but when the range is changed to -10000 and 10000 this is not ! why it is happening ?!







A:=plots:-implicitplot([eq = 0], x=-100..100,y=0..500, color=[red, blue], thickness=2, gridrefine=3):

B:=plots:-inequal(eq>0,x=-100..100,y=0..500,optionsfeasible = [color = "LightGreen"]):



A:=plots:-implicitplot([eq = 0], x=-10000..10000,y=0..100000, color=[red, blue], thickness=2, gridrefine=3):

B:=plots:-inequal(eq>0,x=-10000..10000,y=0..100000,optionsfeasible = [color = "LightGreen"]):






@vv why y is positive? why y>0 ?

@Sergey Moiseev i know this is a package and i have installed it, but where is this package help ?! and descriptions ?

@Sergey Moiseev whats does options means? i can not search  them in maple help...
 checkexit=10 ?

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