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@Preben Alsholm @Kitonum 
tnx for the answer but as i already said, it is in the loop and the loop is updating the term f,
for example in the next loop f is as follows :









isn't there a direct substitution way?


@minhhieuh2003 maybe u want to try this :



ans:=int((a*x+c)/(b*x+d), x);







now , if u change parameters, the answer will be change.
also maybe u want to try these commands : subs,eval,simplify...


@tomleslie thank you, you are great.

@tomleslie in order to use the results in matlab, the command 'double' is used ( in order to convert symbolic result to floating point number used in matlab), but when there is more than one unkown in the system, it returns some errors, what should i do ? could pls help? tnx

@tomleslie yes, they all work, tnx for your comments, they were useful

@acer thnx for quick answer, it solved my problem, can i introduce more than one variable simultaneously?
for example sth like this :
setmaple('a,b',5,6) ? ( it returns errors)
or i should define them seprately ? 
with Regards, M.Jafari

@tomleslie tnx for your compelete answer

@tomleslie sorry for the inconvenience, you are right, but a1 is not constant and is a function of time, it is int(a1(t)*A(t),t)...
actually a1=(t)->(wl/gamma1)*cos(w*t);
can it be solved?

@tomleslie actually diff(x(t),t)=A(t) as u have defined, can i use directly A(t) ? even i used :
int(eval(A(t),ans),t=0..1); but it does not computed ...

@tomleslie i want to fit a function to these three plots...
i used polynomial interpolation (CurveFitting:-PolynomialInterpolation([seq]([t, (eval(B(t),ans))(t)],t=0.1..1,0.1),t)).
but it does not give the functions, i think it can be fitted using trigonomic functions, but actually i don't know how, could u help ?
and actually i want to calculate the integral :
int(a1*diff(x(t),t) +a2*diff(y(t),t)+a3*diff(z(t),t) );
can i calculate this without interpolating the functions? tnx for the help...

@tomleslie thanak you, and i made use of these deriavatives...

@tomleslie that was interesting idea ! tnx for the help ! Good Luck !

@Mariusz Iwaniuk tnx for your help,where in the help i can find answers for these questions? could please give me a link of the related halp page? tnx

@rlopez tnx for explanation, you are right sir

@tomleslie tnx for your answer,it was helpful, but under "Supplemental Software" there is NOT any help document for maple toolbox...
as u can see in the uploaded picture...
and for the prettyprint option, you say this is just a limitation of using maple in matlab and can not be cured right?

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