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i get how the solutions works.. and i remember using boundary conditions to numerically solve the van der pol equation.. hence i used it directly. but there is a problem.. say now i change my boundary conditions.. it pops the same error again with the new input.. its driving me nuts.. i made the following changes to the code IBC := {u(x,0)=T0, u(0,t)=0, u(d,t)=1}: vals := {a=1/2, T0=x^4, d=1}: exactly at this point the error occurs eq2 := U(i,t)=1; i dont understand why it would have a problem though i tried the same thing with the condition equal to zero it doesn't pop an error.. but doesn't solve the problem either.. it leaves few constants unsolved.. maybe i should just work the solution by hand and integrate the final solution by maple? is that the easiest solution?

thanks.. i knew there was smoething wrong with my assignment of function.. i tried everything.. but strangely.. wen i used another ode it worked.. thanks a lot :D

thanks joe and acer.. i understand now.. cheers..

hmm that looks very complicated.. i just started maple 2 days ago.. hmm it works i guess.. but my teacher was teling to use fprime.. any idea wat that is? he said look at the graph.. and use fprime function..

guys i tried with another equation.. but still

                           a:=  -0.8260906055


sorry i am new.. i might have flagged my own post by mistake.. x_x

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