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How to attach an m-file to a question?
Does it exist a rspecific repository where I can put an m-file? 

Can the number of frames per second be changed programmatically in animate and/or animatecurve ?

Thanks in advance

How are constructed binary operators in Maple?
Is it possible to create a binary operator A that we can use this way z := x A y ?


It seems that DrawGraph cannot display the weights of more than 45 arcs of a directed graphs (the arcs themselves are keeping to be displayed correctly).

Maybe a version issue?

I would like to matrixplot consecutive powers of a matrix. As the name of the matrix is not always the same I wrote a simple "embedded" procedure WM to do this.
This produre works well when called directly, but I don't understand how to make it work when called from animate

WM := P -> n -> plots:-matrixplot(P^n, heights=histogram):

U := Matrix(2$2, [0.8, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6]);
WM(U)(1);  #ok whatever the value of the argument of W(U)

plots:-animate(WM(U), [n], n=1..2);  # produces an error

# even this simpler command doesn't work
plots:-animate(plots:-matrixplot, [U^n], n=1..2)  # same error as above

Can you help me to fix this?


PS: I firstly defined WM this way

WM := proc(P, n)  plots:-matrixplot(P^n, heights=histogram) end proc:

but I met difficulties to tell animate that only n was the parameter to change

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