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I am still trying to understand how to plot to fractals related to iteration of complex maps. > with(plots): > newton:=proc(x,y) > local z,b; > z:=evalf(x+y*I); > to 30 while (abs(z^3-1)>0.1) do z:=z-(z^3-1)/(3*z^2) od; > (Im(z)+1)/3; > end proc: > The following two commands yield graphs with different colors (although the colors in the second and third are very similar). The fourth command gives a completely red graph. Can somebody explain why? >densityplot(newton,-1.4..1.4,-1.4..1.4,style=patchnogrid,numpoints=20000,colorstyle=HUE); >densityplot(newton,-1.4..1.4,-1.4..1.4,style=patchnogrid,numpoints=3000,colorstyle=HUE); >densityplot(newton,-1.4..1.4,-1.4..1.4,style=patchnogrid,colorstyle=HUE,grid=[100,100]); >densityplot(newton,-1.4..1.4,-1.4..1.4,style=patchnogridcolorstyle=HUE,numpoints=10000); PS I've tried to upload the images but I got a message saying that the file might be too big. Moira
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