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Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Research interests: Numerical analysis, Numerical methods for partial differential equations, Fractional PDEs, Spectral methods, Machine learning, Computational mechanics

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I think Simpson's rule for integration is very simple and it is just function evaluation over a few points on the interval of integration. So we expect it to be fast.

When I use it as a summation command (using Simpson's formula) it is really fast but when I use the command ApproximateInt with Simpson method it is sometimes really slow. For example


f := unapply(x^2/(sin(x)+x+1), x);


evalf(ApproximateInt(f(x), x = 1 .. 2, method = simpson, partition = 20));

or even with partition=10 you must wait for a long time.

Please help.

Thank you

I have a matrix A and a matrix B defined as B:=A. When an entry of B is changed in my Maple code, the matrix A is also changed. 

A := Matrix([1, 1]):
B := A:
B[1, 1] := 2:

The result is

[2,1] but as you see, I did not change the entries of A during the code.  

This never happen for numbers. 

Please help me.

confused in matrix substitution

Thank you in advance for your time.

I can search for any phrase or symbol in my Maple Worksheet but "sign symbol".

I have a very big result that I am not sure how many minus it has. When I search for - sign, no match found. I can see some minus in the worksheet but Maple can not find them.

Please help me.

I really appreciate.

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