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Do not understand the answer to this.. eq1:=X=(1/Rp/(1/Rp/Rp+w*w*Cp*Cp)); eq2:=Y=(w*Cp/(1/Rp/Rp+w*w*Cp*Cp)+1/w/A/Cp); expand(solve({eq1,eq2},{Rp,Cp})); {Cp = RootOf(A+1+(-Y*A-2*Y)*_Z+(X^2+Y^2)*_Z^2,label = _L2)/A/w, Rp = -X*A/(Y*RootOf(A+1+(-Y*A-2*Y)*_Z+(X^2+Y^2)*_Z^2,label = _L2)-A-1)} What are the: _Z _Z^2 ? and what is the label = _L2 ? Can I make the answer look like somthing more understandable?
Hi is this impossible to solve? eq1:=A/(G+1/(1/V+1/(Y+1/(1/Z+1/X1))))/2=M1; eq2:=A/(G+1/(1/V+1/(Y+1/(1/Z+1/X2))))/2=M2; eq3:=A/(G+1/(1/V+1/(Y+1/(1/Z+1/X3))))/2=M3; solve({eq1,eq2,eq3},{V,Y,Z}); It takes forever..
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