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As I said there:

this bug still appear.




I'm wondering that this bug still not fixed in Maple 2021 (as it didn't fix in Maple 2020.2) for win64.

New link of file polys.m

Bug with Embed too:

Hope you'll fix them.

Thank you.


Thank you


Thank you

@Carl Love 

> It's not possible to calculate a middle coefficient of the product without fully scanning all coefficients of the multiplicands.

Yeah, I know. But calculating of any range of product's coefficients should be more efficient than calculating of all coefficients. Even if a range consists middle coefficients that need all coefficients of multiplicands.

@Carl Love 

I tried with converting polynomials to lists and using add function - too unefficient. So I'm sure it should be low-level (like a modp1(('Multiply')(...)) ) solution.

> to compute the first leading or trailing coefficients of a polynomial multiplication

Not only this but any range of coefficients in the middle of a polynomial too.


Any comments?


Yes, exactly


But don't in Maple 2020

Thank you all.

If you need to save a polynomial with many big coefficients only a way with m-files is suite. But m-files have some disadvantage - they're not readable.


Thank you!


Have you any news about fixing?


Thank you


It's idea



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