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Hi there.

Following by

there is some strange behavior of EllipticPi - this function return complex answer when nu>1

WolframAlpha and some another online calculators return real values - just real part of Maple's value.

Why Maple's EllipticPi return complex answer?

Hi there.

It seems like EllipticCPi(n,k) has a bug when n close to 1:

Both answers should be equal by definition and first is true.

Hi there.

I noticed some little bug:

As you can see the second term in serie C looks like -M/sqrt(-M^2 + E) - k, but not like M*k/sqrt(-M^2 + E).

Hi there.

It looks strange but simplify/symbolic cannot handle expression in file:

Only after expanding numerator and denominator by hand.

I think simplify/symbolic should be smarter.

Hi there.

I found some strange behavior of int function in document with using of Physics package in Maple 2021 in comparison with Maple 2020:

Please look at that.

Thank you.

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