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At Our Hunting Safaris in Namibia you will certainly locate a remarkable level of service and also hospitality, exceptional lavish accommodations, amazing European top quality food with some delicious African specialties and also a variety of enjoyable and fascinating activities for seekers, non-hunters and the entire household. We have completely redone our whole lodge; three guest cottages which can suit as much as four visitors each, major lodge home which can fit as much as 8 more guests, landscape design, swimming pool and also amazing African thatch roofing system pool residence (which is actually a massive comfortable outside home with bar, dining area and also living-room with fireplace as well as waterhole game viewing all done in five star African high-end). We can quickly suit intimate smaller sized hunting events approximately large multi-family groups in uncompromising convenience. We have organized company groups such as Winchester and also Leica. Our warm and friendly personnel are here to address your every need.

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