Shark Cards are GTA V's cash money cards that work as money packs for the game. All bought cash is instantly transferred into your account. Grand Burglary Auto Online is the online multiplayer version of Grand Theft Automobile V. Athletes total goals across Los Santos and Blaine Area along with other gamers. To endure you require a fast lorry and excellent tools, indicating cash money is king in this community. Online was additionally chosen for Biggest Disappointment by Game Change and also Hardcore Gamer. Grand Burglary Automobile V won Best Technical Accomplishment in the Telegraph Video Game Honors, and also Best Technology at the 14th Yearly Game Developers Selection Awards. The visual and also imaginative design obtained awards from IGN, The Daily Telegraph and BAFTA, as well as a nomination at the Game Developers Option Honors. Chris Thursten called the game "one of the most gorgeous, expansive and charitable" of the series. Greg Tito had difficulty connecting with the characters' feelings because they acted out of greed without sense of morality and also therefore offered players little reason to sustain them. Sterling felt that in spite of the improvements, auto-aim was "twitchy and also unreliable" and cover technicians "still come off as dated and also unwieldy".

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