Mileage Allowance: The maximum coverage on any daily rental plan for any vehicle is 100 kilometers. You shall pay 1.90 AED per kilometer beyond 100 kilometers per trip. There are no reviews yet. Ajman Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yousco Rent a Car, Al Barsha Dubai: Range Rover, BMW 4, Picanto, G63 © 2024. All Right Reserved. Al Mizan Car Rental Hyundai venue 2022 model white colored Kia Seltos has a classy exterior with four doors, a front grille made of black finish, durable wheels 18 inches wide, and rims made of black alloy in a matte finish. It’s a giant car with rack rails on the roof. The upholstery is in black and beige, while the temperature panel is in silver finish. Rear seats can also be folded to make room for cargo without affecting the overall comfort level.

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