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I find this very strange. I see questions posted at Maple prime using a language other than English.

I do not know if this is a Mapleprime bug, or not. If this is not a bug, why is it allowed to post questions in a language other than English?

I am baffled by this choice of Maple. When one goes to Maple website and look at the help pages on the web, like this


Then all the commands in the help pages are shown using build-in images. This means if one sees a command they want to copy to try, they are not able to copy it using the mouse since it is an image, or even may be to copy it to some text file for later use, email it, etc...

Basically one can just look at it. 

Compare this to Mathematica web help page


Where one can click on any Mathematica command, and a small windows opens with plain text format of the command that one can copy and paste anywhere.

Not only that, the formatting of the commands in Maple help pages are all in the new document mode style (the italic math font used, which I can't stand looking at, that is why I do not use document mode). 

So, for someone using worksheet, and want to see the good old fashioned Maple commands (1D, nothing fancy, plain text), they can't find those.  It would be nice to have a version of the help web pages in 1D, for those who want to browse help in classical Maple code and not interested in all document mode.

(Yes, I know I can do that in Maple itself on my desktop, but many times I use google to find a Maple command, and it leads me to Maple help pages, and then I find I can't copy the command). Then I have to open the local help page on my Maple, and look for the same command again in order to copy something).


Is there a specific reason why this web site (Mapleprime) is so slow? I have visited this number of times, since the early days it opened, and it is still as slow as the first day it was launched.

Just wondering. I think this extreme slowness of MaplePrime does not reflect good on Maple itself.

In addition, the line below the title of topics and questions, is always cut off in the middle. Fonts are not good, and the overall site, and entering text and code is very awkward to use.

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